The working Land Rover

Part of the Land Rovers success has got to be accredited to in its ability to adapt to many a working environment…..in fact the Land Rover has become an important part in many a business and over the years there has been countless companies cropping up modifying Defenders and series’s for a whole host of specialist jobs…..anything food and coffee outlets right through to vehicles for the armed forces……but of course the Land Rover really came into a league of its own when access is limited ……mountain Rescue…forestry work etc.

Join me through a collection of specially adapted vehicles.

A 6×4 platform or cherry picker…widely used by the utilities services….how else are you going to repair an electricity pole in the middle of a ploughed field!

An early military based half track…as the name suggests theses were tracked to the rear and normal wheels to the front.

Now we are talking….anyone for an ice Cream?

The Series and Defender van like build lend themselves perfectly to many a outdoor retail opportunity… in this case coffee

Series 1 tipper….and in amazing condition

Right from the beginning the Land Rovers towing capabilities were capitalised on and a whole host of differing recovery trucks have been built.

6 wheel drive defenders with lengthen chassis made perfect fire trucks on race tracks and airfields.

Of course one we get off road the defender is in a class of its own with most Mountain rescues have one or two!

the land Rover has almost become synonyms with British army vehicle….the armed forces have adapted then for a whole hosts of uses.

Restored 109 recovery truck

Extremely tidy 110 coffee shop

Absolutely no working land Rover list would be complete without the most famous working Land Rover of them all….Fred Dibnah’s steeplejack series….almost an icon in its own right….RIP Fred

Brilliant tag line…..follow me if you can!


These discovery based coffee outlets can be hired….not needing access to water or electric they can serve you coffee at your outdoor event regardless of location! https://ebay.to/2Bu80mH

Out in the woods this defender chops the logs and then hauls them back!

Another shot of Fred’s series

Any one fancy a beer….oh what a let down…the menu is full of coffee!

Open top mini bus tours…


This early rear PTO digger was recently on ebay….absolutely mint through out…although the listing has ended the images can still be viewed on the add… https://ebay.to/2SmRrmc

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